Basketry is the birthchild of function and imagination:
Useful and charming. Purposeful and playful.

Dawn Myers

Willow Basket Maker

When, out of curiosity, I attended my first basket weaving class I knew instantly I had found my medium. Weaving brings together so much that I love: a well-plotted technique yet with wide opportunity for artistic freedom, a challenging task and yet at once a carefree experience, a totally natural product fashioned without need of machinery or expensive tools.


Learn and Play

Basketry weaving is a worldwide practice and as old as humanity. When weaving with willow we literally take sticks and create functional, artistic, and long-lasting objects. Willow weaving is a  creative process that is challenging, rewarding and ultimately extremely satisfying. It’s fun too!

I love sharing my passion for ‘all things willow’ with others by teaching workshops regularly.