About Dawn

When, out of curiosity, I attended my first basket weaving class I knew instantly I had found my medium. Weaving brings together so much that I love: a well-plotted technique yet with wide opportunity for artistic freedom, a challenging task and yet at once a carefree experience, a totally natural product fashioned without need of machinery or expensive tools.

And I am following our forbearers, for basketry is a truly ancient practice nearly lost to the onslaught of plastic manufacturing. Today, as the world sags under the weight of that plastic, I feel good knowing that I am doing a small part to reverse the trend. I often say that I am practising, “an ancient craft for the future.”

The fast-growing and abundant varieties of willow that I grow provide almost all that I need to create a large selection of baskets that vary greatly in appearance and use. I also offer weaving workshops in my studio.